Monday, May 19, 2008


I started work on a short story last night and put another 500 words in this evening. A week or two back, somebody commented that I might try a short story. Since I'm still making negligible progress on the novel, I don't have much to lose. I could use some new short fiction inventory anyway. No spoilers on the story now.


Since I have so much sheet music written for Bb instruments, I decided to try something so I could use it with my guitar. I can capo the second fret to use Eb saxophone music, but I would have to capo the 10th fret to change the key to Bb. Instead, I took the drop D tuning to the extreme. I dropped all six strings two half-steps and voila, guitar in Bb.


Record today in Phoenix. Not only did we get a record high temperature for May 19th at 110 degrees. Yesterday and today also marks the first time in recorded history that we had the first day at or above 100 degrees consecutive with the first day at or above 110 degrees.


I don't mind that I bought gas at $3.57 per gallon when the rest of the country is paying more. It makes up for the time the pipeline from LA broke and we were paying a dollar more than everyone else.

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