Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Preparing for Camp

Russell and I went through the list for scout camp this evening, then went out to buy a few odds and ends. We found a cool fanny pack with double water bottles, great for the arid climate. It looks something like this one.

Looks like I'll be going afterall. They have a lack of vehicles for the return trip, so I'll likely be going up on Friday and driving back on Saturday. I should get to see the big bonfire. Scout camp bonfires are a lot of fun, and I haven't been to one in probably 25 years. Okay, there was a bonfire at Webelos Weekend, but that's not really the same. No OA tap-out for one thing.


Weather is heating back up again. Was not quite hot enough to turn on the air conditioner in the truck, but it's forecast to hit 100 degrees again on Saturday. This time, the hot weather is probably here to stay until October.

Got the pool into shape and the kids and dogs went swimming for the first time this year.


This is the little kumquat tree, one of the most producive in my yard.

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Anonymous said...

Brian and the boys head out for Scout Camp on June 26th and get home July 5th. July 9th, Brian and Dalton leave for Philmont - hiking the Tooth of Time...