Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun on the Freeway

This evening, I had the pleasure to get on the freeway to drive home, only to discover the freeway was closed due to an accident at a major interchange. Fortunately, they were able to divert traffic on the freeway that crosses the one that closed.

I take Loop 101 most of the 22 miles I drive to work. It's an insane freeway, where there are days that the minimum speed is 75. The City of Scottsdale installed traffic cameras on their leg of the freeway in an attempt (of questionable legality) to slow the traffic.

The locals know where the cameras are, and at least I know what triggers them. Still, I typically see one flash per commute.

The section where the dump truck flipped, near the intersection with Loop 202, is under construction. The left lane merges to the right. The right lane doesn't show up for a couple hundred yards, so the traffic is a genuine cluster----. Of course, people don't use the brakes when merging, they have to be in front. I'm surprised this wasn't the cause.

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