Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's official

My oldest child, Audrey, turned 13 today. I am officially the father of a teenager, though she's been acting like one for a few years already. The guitar, amp, and accessories I bought her a couple weeks ago is partly her birthday gift, but she also got an iTunes gift card so she can download that whateveritis she listens to.

The temperature is climbing again. Last week we hit a record low. Not temperature, but a record low atmospheric pressure. It was the lowest atmospheric pressure ever recorded in Phoenix. No wonder we barely got to 70 degrees three days after hitting 110. We should be back in triple digits by the weekend.

This is what a Norfolk Pine looks like when it lives in the desert. Pretty scraggly, but the thing hangs on year after year.


Kosmo said...

I think I'd look like that Norfolk Pine if I tried to live there. Pretty scraggly. Though I'd be sunburned, too.

I like the pics you post.

Rick Novy said...

Living here takes some getting used to, that's for sure. Thanks about the photos. I took the camera on the grand tour of the yard on Monday. I may post a picture or two a day, though I don't know how many sage bushes people want to see.