Saturday, May 31, 2008

Off to Camp / Percussion Recital

This morning, we loaded up the truck and I dropped Russell off at the church where the troop meets.

Here, Russell is posing with his Scoutmaster, Mr. Usher.

After we dropped Russell off, we took Reanna to her recital practice session. She takes lessons from Wes Hawkins at Rhythm is Life Percussion Studio. Got her back, had lunch, then went to the recital.

Reanna played two pieces. Her solo piece was "Maple Leaf Rag." You can hear it on marimba in the video below.

She also participated in an ensemble piece called Technology. I can't post the video, but here is a photo of her with her glockenspiel.

It's always quiet after recitals. The kids have nothing to work on, so they get to rest for a few days, at least until the next lesson.


Today's yard plant is my lemon tree. This one isn't mutant or non-growing, as you
can see compared to the height of the wall. Lots of good lemons every winter.

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