Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Really Big Truck

I didn't know a pickup truck could be this big. I saw an International CXT in the Costco parking lot last week. Take a look, this thing is a monster. My cell phone camera memory is full, so I had to scoop up somebody else's image. Our costco is not a stack of logs and a big pile of dirt (and I have no idea who the guy is.)

You gotta ask a couple of questions, the first of which is "Why?" A semi cab with a flat bed? What would you possibly haul in this thing that wouldn't be easier with an 18-wheeler, or more fuel efficient with a Ford F-150? A few cubic millimeters from a neutron star? Is this something you might buy instead of Viagra? Is this for hauling Barry Bonds or Hillary Clinton's ego? How many gallons per mile? I just don't get it.

Today's plant -- yup, it's another sage.


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Costs just a tad more for gas than a Honda insight?

Rick Novy said...

Just a tad.