Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reading Material

Long day today dealing with some paperwork and applications. Got up at 4:30am after a relatively sleepless night, so I'm dragging tonight.

I did manage to finish reading Robert L. Forward's Dragon's Egg. Although it's not the best-written prose out there, the ideas more than carry the book. I'll let you read the Amazon summary if you're interested.

Next on the list is the first part of a three-book series called Contemporary Music Theory. This is not your classical music theory. This one is geared toward pop and jazz. It gives the basics up front, and I can use the review on much of it. Wind players arpeggiate, but find it very difficutl to play chords. I get to do that now on guitar.

Two days in a row without writing, but not for lack of interest anymore. I'm just about out of gas tonight. Tomorrow, I have to pack for my overnight trip to Camp Geronimo. Friday night I'll have no electricity. Saturday is when I'll start back on the novel.


Today's yard plant is my pineapple guava tree.

This tree stays about the same size all the time. It has about the most amazing flowers I've ever seen. You can see a picture of the flower here. The fruit is supposed to have a minty-pineapple flavor, but I can't confirm. I've never seen fruit on this one. I don't know if that's because it gets too hot here, or if the plant simply won't self-pollinate.

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Gray Rinehart said...

Several of us brought up DRAGON'S EGG at ConCarolinas as a great example of an "idea" book done well. Love the Cheela.