Monday, June 02, 2008

Boring Day

Today was one of those days I hate. Nothing notable happened. I got up and helped my wife get her mother out of bed. Started the week with a conference call then drove to work. I spent the day doing work things, then went home to catch another conference call. Took the girls to piano lessons and wrote about 500 words, then read about the same number. Came home, had a bowl of ice cream and it's suddenly 10:00 PM. Almost time to do it again tomorrow.


I just watched a commercial on the tube by one of the two electric utilities here in Phoenix. (I'm serviced by the other one.) They were urging people to change their air conditioner filter and the picture showed somebody installing a filter backwards. Oh, those metal circles? Those are just for decoration. :/


Today's backyard plant is my pumelo tree. It's still a toddler. If you look carefully, you can see it's very first fruit. Pumelo fruit is enormous, dwarfing the grapefruit. I may have to support the weight of the fruit to keep the branch off the ground.

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