Thursday, September 11, 2008


This evening, Russell finished the last requirement for his Tenderfoot rank. He is so happy to be rid of the scout badge. I remember those days as a child. Scout is practically free. No camping required, just learn the scout badge and such.

Tenderfoot has some basic scouting skill requirements. He's happy to be done with it.


It's been difficult to make any progress writing this past week. I've been writing, but not very much. After I finished Karoshi, I started my story targeted for the Jay Lake anthology. Then, I realized my Codex Halloween contest story is due October 1st. Since the Writers of the Future contest quarter closes September 30, that story has to be the one.


The pool is no longer green. I fought the worst pH problem I've ever had and finally won that battle. Just this evening, I could finally see the bottom of the pool clearly. I prefer to use the clarifying liquids, but when they don't work, I fall back to alum. It works every time, but now the barracuda is struggling. To top it off, we had a major haboob roll through the valley this evening. We missed the bulk of it, but it didn't help the pool effort. I think by the end of this weekend the pool will be back in business.

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Aunt Julie & Uncle Brian said...

Congrats to Russell.