Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I hate getting a cold, and I especially hate summer colds. Yes, I realize everywhere else it's autumn, but it hit 105 degrees here, so it's still summer for me. Whenever I get sick, it goes to my nose. I can't take a day off work because a certain project is at a critical time.

So, I'm left without energy and a sore nose. I tried to write this evening but I can't get the creative juices flowing. Maybe I'll just read.

Speaking of reading, I finally managed to get my son reading over the past couple of days. He discovered the Dan Gutman books like Honus and Me. He's read that one and Mickey and Me, and he's now reading Shoeless Joe and Me. I'm not sure what to give him after those are finished. He has a handful of other sports books, but they won't last him long. I'm hoping he'll finally pick up the Hardy Boys books I bought for him. I read and enjoyed most of those as a boy. (So why don't I write mysteries instead of SF? The market is much bigger.)

So long as he keeps reading.

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Julie said...

A couple of books that he might like are:
Crispin: The Cross of Lead
Crispin: At the Edge of the World
by AVI

Alabama Moon by Watt Key

Both my boys have read all three. Auston has read them numeral times, and asked me to read them as well - I enjoyed all of them.