Monday, September 15, 2008

SpecFic Writers Take Note

Okay, it's time for the freeloaders to step up. has provided writers with market information for over eleven years. He does it for free, and he spends hours and hours every week on the site. All he asks for is a little help funding the web site.

He has only 14% of his goal for his annual fund drive. Half way through his September drive and only 14%.

This is for real, people. Ralan won't operate the board for free if the writers don't help. He could make it a subscription site, or he could simply retire it. How many of you have made a first sale because Ralan ran his board. I found most of my markets on his site, that's why I contributed.

All it takes is a 10 euro donation from the people who benefit from the site. That's about $15 US and PayPal takes care of the details and the currency exchange. That's one or two sales from a very small market.

It's not that much money, people, but the resource is irreplacible.

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Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Rick.