Friday, August 15, 2008

A Visit with Alan Dean Foster

This afternoon, I found myself in Prescott, Arizona for a visit with veteran science fiction and fantasy writer Alan Dean Foster. Alan and I had been corresponding on and off over the past couple of years. Despite both of us living in Arizona, until today we never managed to meet in person.

Alan has a reputation as a world traveller, and it certainly is true. He has a fabulous collection of artifacts from around the world to go along with all the his SF and fantasy art and first edition books. We spent about two hours together as he gave me a guided tour of his collection with stories to go with several items. If you go to the May 2008 entry of his news page, you can see several photos of his beautiful study. It's a dream work environment for a writer.

One of the artifacts he owns is a tangle of wooly mammoth hair. He gave me a few strands, and I have plans for them. I will share when it's done. I have a few photos of my own, but they are on my cell phone. They are difficult to get off the phone, so I will post them another time.

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