Saturday, August 16, 2008

More with Alan Dean Foster

I managed to get all the photos off my phone and onto my computer so I can share them with you. Prescott wasn't the only place I visited friday. I also went to Flagstaff.

This is what the entrance to Lowell Observatory looks like. Notice the nice juicy monsoon storm clouds forming in the sky. I was with a Flagstaff local who did not know what the symbols on the left are. Do you know? You can click the photo to make it larger.

If you are facing these Lowell Observatory wickets and do a 180, you'll be looking out over Flagstaff and see something like this.

And, as promised, here is Alan at his writing desk. The desk is probably the least interesting of all the flat surfaces in the study. Since Alan posted photos of his study on his web site, I'll let you look over there. I did take a cell phone movie but posting that would be like an invasion of privacy IMHO. I asked Alan if I could post the photos I am putting here.

And this is the best of two attempts to get an image of us together. Let me tell you, it's very difficult to line up a shot when you can't see the screen.

See what I mean?

Finally, I wanted to show you what I did with the strands of mammoth hair that Alan gave me. They spent the ride home in my pocket. Late last night, I found a nice picture of a mammoth by scouring google images. I found the one you see in the photo below.

The frame itself hold the picture recessed from the glass a good half inch or more. You can't see it very well in the photo, but live the hairs loop around in three dimensions. (This picture I shot with a camera, not my phone.)

Remember those monsoon clouds up top in the Lowell shot? Well, I got dumped on while driving east along AZ69 between Prescott and I-17. I saw the coolest rainbow that actually come down out of the sky in front of the mountains. Well, as it turns out, it is also very difficult to get a good cell phone photo while driving in the rain at 65 MPH on a two-lane highway. The picture doesn't nearly do the rainbow justice, but at least I got the rainbow in the shot. So, for all you treasure-hunters, the pot of gold lies inside the triangle formed by AZ69, AZ169, and I17.


Anonymous said...

Of course. They're the planetary symbols.

^JR^ said...

Dang it, he beat me to it.


Rick Novy said...

Absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

so - that's it? the novel is a slog, all the short stories are out making the rounds and all I get is an 'absolutely correct'?!

You've got a perfect procrastination excuse here and you're letting it go to waste...

Rick Novy said...

No, there is a lot more crap going on than what I posted. I just didn't want to go into it publicly.

On the other hand, the symbol at the top is not the symbol of a planet.


Anonymous said...