Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Lava Tubes

We arrived safely from the weekend excursion to the famous (not really, I hadn't heard of them) Lava Tubes. I also don't know why people call it Lava Tubes when there is only one of them.

It's a 1-1/2 mile out-and-back hike with no choice but to come back because the cave dead-ends. Here is Russell going in.

Photography is difficult inside as without flashlights it is completely dark. Here is a picture of people out of range of the flash.

See what I mean? We met up with this poor, unfortunate soul who seems to have been in the cave for a very long time.

Russell found a light saber in the cave. It was probably discarded because it is clearly a factory reject.

We camped just off the forest road. Here, Russell is setting up one of the tents.

We did visit Lowell Observatory. We didn't get to see much. The sky was clouding fast, but we did get to see M57 (aka the Ring Nebula) through a 16-inch telescope. It looks much the same as in the photo , but washed out and colorless as expected when viewed optically. The eye is not as sensitive to color as is photographic film.

I bought a sweatshirt with this logo:

The boys had fun at the observatory. I was somewhat bored because the public dog-and-pony show experience doesn't hold anything new for me. Still, it was better than a lot of alternatives.

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