Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chort Shtories

Funny thing about working on a novel is that other ideas come to mind. Some are other novels, some are good ideas for short stories.

While working on this slog-a-thon of a novel, I've already come up with the "cool idea-TM" for one I will tackle no earlier than the one after the next one. In addition, I have the seed for the annual Halloween story contest at Codex Writers Group. The seed can't be revealed until after the contest ends, but I can say that this year, my story seed was provided by Klingon Guy, Lawrence M. Schoen. The concept I must incorporate into my story is something I probably would not have done otherwise.

John Jacob Adams is editing an anthology called Federations. I would very much like to have something appear in that market

Finally, I have a first draft of my latest short story, marked up by SFFW, which is the writers group here in Phoenix that I started with a few others last year. For those who care, SFFW stands for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers. Catchy name, eh? I had to give the group a name on the spot so the Borders where we meet could write it on a piece of paper.

So, it looks like I have three short fiction projects coming up and a good stopping point in the novel also coming up. So, regarding Rigel Kentaurus, I plan to complete this first arm of the Y-shaped story then take a break and work on some short fiction for a few weeks. When I finish those projects, I'll start on the other arm. Maybe that sort of change in scenery is what I need.

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Lawrence M. Schoen said...

I will be personally offended if you don't write a story with my seed.

But then, I'll probably be personally offended by the resulting story if you do use the seed.

There's just no living with me.