Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A variety of stuff

The "new" dsl connection with the desktop computer still rolls on. I left the computer on overnight, something that would have spelled death for the ethernet connection. The wireless connection worked like a charm. It even downloaded the update for my virus software.

I have no idea why the ethernet connection to the modem doesn't work, but dial-up and wireless both work fine. However, at least something works.


I stumbled across this video of "Bob Dylan Blues" by the late great Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett. It was apparently written when Barret was a teenager.


Sigh. The moisture from Hurricane Dolly missed the valley. It's getting hot again, aiming for 111 degrees saturday. Next chance for rain is monday. I hope it actually happens. We've had 2 inches of rain this year, which is considerably more than last summer. It's hot now, but October will be here soon. That's when I overseed for winter grass.


Our dog, Mitsy, has separation anxiety and becomes extremely destructive. She once broke one of her canine teeth chewing on something, probably the pool fence. We put her on medication last year that worked for about 3 weeks. We changed medication in December or January, and about 6 weeks ago, it finally kicked in. It's so wonderful having a dog that acts like a dog again. She actually lays in the grass and hangs out with the other dog most of the time.

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