Friday, July 11, 2008

The Game

Had an interesting commute this morning. I pulled into the left lane well in front of this black BMW. I didn't cut him off. He didn't even have to slow down. but apparently this action emasculated the guy. That's fine. Some people have to compensate.

I expected this guy to zip ahead and disappear into the distance. I didn't think anything of it, but I watched with humor as the guy revealed himself to be particularly dumb. He pulled into the middle lane and did zip ahead, but in his place, I wouldn't have done it. He had nowhere to go, so this guy ended up boxing himself in. In no time, I was well ahead of him again.

This went on for maybe ten miles. He kept boxing himself in and fell way behind. he showed up again later, still behind and now totally frustrated that he couldn't get ahead of me. Now, it became a game. He moved over and I eeked out an extra 2 MPH to fill the gap. He fell behind me again.

Now, there is a lot of construction on loop 101, and when the construction ends, an extra lane opens up on the left. I fully expected this guy to dart left and finally pull ahead, but again, he showed his lack of skill. Instead, he got impatient and moved all the way to the right lane.

I thought he was exiting, so I moved left and pulled ahead. He ended up directly behind me again. When I get to the next highway interchange, I always move to the right to get into position to exit two miles farther south. He had his chance, and finally got ahead.

But, it turns out that he wanted to get off the freeway at the same exit I did. I was already on the right and actually got into the exit lane as early as I could. This black BMW waited until he got to the gore point, then cut across two lanes of traffic and through the gore point to get ahead of me.

Congratulations, you win. Then he proceeded to turn right on red at the corner, in blatant violation of the "No Right on Red" sign.

In a drag race, that black BMW blows my pickup away. In traffic, perhaps the driver makes a little difference? I didn't really even try to stay in front of this guy. He beat himself. Usually just staying in the left lane is fastest. I don't move right to pass unless I can see that I can get back to the left after I pass the moving roadblock. It's faster, and safer too.

But, the black BMW got to the exit first. I guess he showed me, huh? Well, I don't need to compensate.

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