Thursday, July 03, 2008

Order is In

The monsoon I ordered two days ago arrived this evening. A nice storm is rolling through right now, complete with the kind of lightning we get out here. It's not like the thunderstorms in the midwest, where you get a clap of thunder every 30 seconds or so. These are desert storms. We get a clap of thunder every five to ten seconds. The lightning is lower in the sky and not as powerful as the midwestern bolts. The frequency more than makes up for it.

The thunder is rattling the windows and lightning flashes outside. The rain was coming down pretty good for a while. Often, these monsoon storms come in from the southeast. This one is coming from the northeast and is moving very quickly through the valley.

And just as quickly, it's over. In the morning, we'll see any damage. Downed tree branches. Leaves in the pool. Lawn chairs scattered. But we need the rain and we'll take it. It also cools the air significantly, which is a pleasant bonus.

1 comment:

^JR^ said...

Way to go on your recent sale.

I remember those monsoons. I used to live in Casa Grande years ago. I always loved it when they came through.