Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Collaboration Redux

Last September (as in 07) the Codex Writers Group held a captive collaboration contest. I was matched with the esteemed Ruth Nestvold. She has a bit more of a track record than I do, so I was thrilled with the match-up.

It seemed to work well, too. Unfortunately, we both got busy and only finished half the story. Fast forward half a year and I pushed the story through to a conclusion, then tossed back to Ruth. We discussed some problems with the story and she took the task of doing a thorough overhaul of the manuscript.

A couple days ago I got it back from her. I did a read through and I think the story is starting to look pretty good. Right now, I'm going through the manuscript making some cosmetic changes focusing on lyrical prose. By that, I mean the rhythm and meter of the sentence. Prose can have a pleasant cadence and rhythm, just like music. Perhaps I'll write more on that.

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