Sunday, January 31, 2010


I need a kick in the pants to get writing again. November's NaNoWriMo was very productive for me. I finished over 52,000 words in 30 days. Writing between 1600 and 2000 words a day (with one massive 4000 word day) felt good. It felt productive, I felt useful, and I like how that felt.

With the start of December, I had intended to take a few days to finish a video project, then go back and finish the novel. The plan went awry when my computer crashed, trapping both the novel and the video project for two weeks. By the time I got the computer back, the video project became urgent. Writing is a momentum thing for me, and the crash brought writing to a screeching halt. I still haven't done more than a few token words in 2010. I started the year with the goal of writing every day. That ended January 4th, and I just remembered about the goal as I write this. Too little, too late.

As I sat outside uprooting rogue bermuda grass from the pool, I hit upon the idea of how to get going again. if NaNoWriMo worked in November, why not do it again? It's worth a try, and because I thought of the idea on January 31, I can make it happen in February.

The rules are different.
1) I can work on any fiction project, not just the novel, as long as I put in the word count.
2) The goal is 42000 words in 28 days, that's 1500 per day vs the 1666 in NaNoWriMo.
3) There is no web site and no slick reward banner.

If anyone else needs a kick in the pants and wants to join me, post a comment or email me using the contact link on my web site and let's be accountable to each other.

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