Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jarimath's Fate

I got the sweetest P.S. in a SFWA-related email today in my capacity as moderator of the Nebula Suggested Reading list.

PS: I loved "Catalyst" -- but I want it to be the beginning of something much longer -- I mean, Jarimath's fate could be a novel in and of itself!

I'll not say who wrote the note because it was sent in private correspondence, but it was a nice compliment to offset other less encouraging news that I won't go into.

Also within the past day or two I learned that I again have a Writers of the Future honorable mention finish. It was a bit discouraging to me until in correspondence with Kevin J. Anderson, I read this:

Congratuations — regardless of what you may think, those things aren’t easy to come by.

I suppose he has more perspective than I do, but it's still a discouraging result when I know so many of the contest winners. Still, I have nine of them, which is why they seem easy to come by to me.

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