Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Up with John Brown and Larry Correia

I love when writers I know from cyberspace show up in Phoenix and I get to meet them face to face. Two writers I know from Codex showed up during a book tour last November. John Brown I have known electronically for several years. Larry Correia I've known electronically for a few months. I met them on November 17.

That's me on the left in the Cards shirt. John is in the middle, and Larry on the right. I don't think we intentionally stood in height order, but that's how it worked out.

Nice folks. Wish we had a little more time to talk, but they had a whirlwind tour scheduled and I had science homework to help with. I look forward to hanging out at a con one of these days.

1 comment:

John Brown said...

It was great being able to meet you in person too, Rick! Live long and prosper, buddy.