Sunday, April 13, 2008

Perpetual Motion

April is getting into full swing. It's the time of year when the schools all have their major field trips, the music programs have recitals and evaluations, and the scouts start preparing for the upcoming summer camp.

It starts next week with my eldest daughter, Audrey. The middle school bands are heading to San Diego for three days of workshops and master classes. She gets back on late on sunday evening and the middle kid, my younger daughter Reanna, heads off to her school field trip at 5:00am the next morning.

At the same time, we shuffle piano lessons and make-up lessons. The annual piano performance and music theory evaluation is next weekend and we have a make-up for the kid on the band trip the following weekend.

The only kid staying put, my son Russell, will be going to scout camp in May. Right now, he's working on learning electric bass (aka bass guitar). He has a black Greg Bennet jazz bass that is apparently tough to play after jamming a finger playing basketball (friday's emergency). He doesn't normally play bass with a pick, but the jammed finger made him decide to go that way today.

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