Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Heads

No, I'm not talking about noggins. I got my pickup truck back from the mechanic yesterday with a new pair of cylinder heads, a new radiator, and a nice restriction for the first 500 miles--speed limit 55. Today was my first commute in the right lane, all 22 miles each way. Now, understand that Loop 101 is a fast road. About two weeks ago all the traffic was moving at 75, with quite a few cars going considerably faster. Only near the speed cameras in Scottsdale did it slow down, and then, only to about 70. The cameras trigger at 76MPH. Usually drivers slow down to 55. I didn't have to.

55 max. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to drive 55 in a 65 zone. (Page down if you follow the link.)

Speaking of driving, the best song for the urban nightmare was written by the late Warren Zevon. The song? Gridlock.

Lyrics | Gridlock lyrics

Anyway, it's nice to be out of the Pepsi Can and back into my truck.

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