Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Year's Best

Before I get to today's main topic, I want to welcome all the new blood passing through and looking for eggs in my basket off to the right under my profile. I know you swing by to find hatchling eggs, but do I hope you'll occasionally take a look at the content here.

I ran across this interesting observation today, asking the question "Is Short Science Fiction Moving to Original Anthologies?" It's an interesting question, but it's incomplete. The real question is where will we find short fiction (not just the spec fic stuff, but all short fiction aside from literary, which writes its own rules).

Circulation in the short fiction print periodical markets has been declining for a long time, and this little depression in which we find ourselves doesn't help matters. Online markets are thriving, but online markets that pay pro rates are few and far between. Much of my short fiction is published online. Not all, but a significant percentage. I have not had anything appear in a print anthology, mainly because I rarely submit to them. given the observation I linked, I may start submitting to them more often.

Problem is, right now the short fiction market doesn't really know where it is going. I know some very successful writers who are banking on portability in the form of stories that can be read on iphones. Still, many readers like the feel of paper in their hands. I do think the print anthologies, particularly from small presses, will always be around.

I'll leave you with a question. If you read short fiction, in what form would you prefer? Print magazines, print anthologies, web sites, or portable electronic? Or, perhaps you have another idea.

I almost forgot, if you follow that link, at the bottom of the page is the table of contents. Four of my friends appear. Congratulations to them.

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