Saturday, March 08, 2008

D.G.K. Goldberg Award

I received this email today:

Allow me to congratulate you on your earning the D.G.K. GOLDBERG AWARD for your story "Cosmology," at Your story was chosen by readers' vote as the best horror story of 2007. The choice was a well-deserved one in my opinion, as your story is indeed outstanding.
As an emblem of this honor conferred upon you. you are hereby awarded the GOLDBERG medal, to display on your website if you choose to do so, as evidence of the honor you have earned for your wonderful story, "Cosmology."
Again, congratulations, Mr. Novy, and best wishes for your continued success.
-- Jean Goldstrom
Anotherealm Editor Emeritus

It comes as something of a surprise because I don't really consider this a horror story, but maybe it is.

The 2007 results haven't been posted yet, but you can see past winners here. There is a link on that page that leads to a little discussion of D.G.K. Goldberg.

I guess I'm now offically an award-winning writer.

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