Monday, March 24, 2008


Last fall (or was it last summer?), Codex Writers Group held a captive collaboration contest. I was thrilled to learn I was paired with Ruth Nestvold, a writer who has collaborated with several writers, including Jay Lake.

We completed about 4500 words before we both got pulled off the project in favor of other activities. Well, in order to break my 6-month writing malaise, I started working on it again. Tuesday, when my car was in the shop, I pounded out about 1000 words. Since then, I added another 3500 words, and an attempt at an ending. The whole manuscript currently stands at around 9500 words.

I sent the draft to Ruth about an hour ago. She has yet to see around half the story, and I'm sure it will look considerably different when it comes back. The important thing is that we have a full story. Now, we just need to hammer it into shape. I expect it will grow as we go, but that's okay.

Having a full draft is a victory. I'm hopeful we'll have it ready to sell in a couple months.

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