Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rush Rediscovery

About nine months ago, my daughter, the clarinet player, needed some uncommon oral surgery. As a result, she had to stop playing clarinet in the elementary school band. She changed to percussion, spending the last semester of 5th grade playing the big bass drum.

Over the summer, we got her playing glockenspiel (bells) and she started taking lessons. She has played on vibraphone and marimba, and then takes the last few minutes working on drums. Now, it looks like she will become a full-fledged drummer. Last night, she made this comment: The more I work on drum set, the more interesting it becomes.

As a result of her interest in drums, I introduced her to the work of one Neil Peart, the drummer of a group called Rush. Perhaps you've heard of them.

This got me back to listening to Rush. I just don't get tired of them. Moving Pictures is one of those rare albums without a bad track. People generally either love or hate Rush. You know where I stand.

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Matthew Rotundo said...

Rick, my Rush-lovin' brother, pick up the new album, Snakes and Arrows. Top-notch stuff.