Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alas, Back to Work

I burned two days of vacation this week, just because. Sometimes you just need to get out of the office. I spent the two days here at Entropy Central with the kids in school. Well, the two days are gone and I go back in the morning. I got very little done, not for lack of trying.

I did manage to get the oven cleaned, and I got part of the wireless network working, the laptop but not the kids' computer. It shows up on the network but doesn't access anything. Aargh.

I did manage to finish that short story last saturday at the Ice Den, and I'm fairly happy with it. It's called Plan R. It's the story I plan to submit for the ASU writers conference this coming February. Finished with that, yesterday I started from scratch a story I had been spinning my wheels on for a few months, and it finally seems to be gaining traction. This story is set on Europa--much of it in submarines underneath the ice. Should be a fun story, not looking to be short, either. I had to keep Plan R under 15 pages for the writers conference. I have no such limitation on this one. It will be my Writers of the Future entry for Q108.

Once I finish that one, I will begin work on my next novel, Rigel Kentaurus. More about that another time.

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