Saturday, September 15, 2007

DSL Blues

Turn around and suddenly it'd been 4 days since my last post. We went out today to get power of attorney taken care of for Grandma. It's something that's long over-due and would have saved us a lot of trouble had we done it before the broken hip. Still, it feels better to have it done now.

No real news on the writing front. A couple of stories back, and sent out again. the big issue now is the disasterous conversion from dial-up to DSL/Qwest long distance/Direct TV.

I won't go into the whole headache, but today's adventure was my first attempt to connect to DSL. No signal. This is on the same line that had a broken wire the first time we tried to change. Sigh, tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

The pool is turning green yet again. I can't seem to kill that algea even after the second chemical attack. It's looking more and more like a complete draining over the winter. I don't like buying an extra 17,500 gallons, but it will probably be cheaper than constantly killing algea.

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