Friday, December 29, 2006

End of the Year Push

I banged out about 5000 words in the past three days, almost half of it yesterday. Finished the story I had been struggling with for the past two weeks, and more importantly, I surpassed 102,000 short story words for the year with three writing days left.

I only have about three more short fiction pieces I want to write before I turn my attention back to long fiction. On deck is the end of the year challenge from Liberty Hall, which is being run in conjunction with Shimmer magazine. In this challenge, the story should be triggered by a painting that will grace the cover of the magazine. Of course, most of those folks are fantasy writers, and it's been difficult for me to put an sfnal spin on it, but I have an idea solidifying.

I also want to write a short-short for a certain themed children's magazine, and I have the misty beginnings of a sfnal story involving W. A. Mozart near the end of his life. When I finish those, I'll turn my attention to redrafting my novel Neanderthal Swan Song. I'd like to have that finished before the kids get out of school for the summer.

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