Thursday, December 14, 2006

Clear those sinuses

Yesterday, I went in for sinus surgery. People with bad allergies have a tendency to grow polyps in their sinuses, and this was the case for me. Even on the best of days, I sounded congested, and I've struggled with this since I was 16, maybe earleir. Now, at age 41, I did something about it.

I underwent three hours of computer guided surgery via cat-scan. The whole set-up is pretty slick, even if it requires the patient wear vice grips on their head. It doesn't matter much, the patient is unconscious.

I'm recovering today with plastic tubes in my nostrils and gause over the end of my nose. I won't describe this in any more detail because it will turn your stomach. I've recovered enough that the hardware is the most irritating part. I'm still tired and slow, but mostly I want this stuff off and out of my face. It will be removed tomorrow just before lunch, and supposedly I'll feel a lot better after that.

Submitted a story to Writers of the Future today. It's not the one I had been working on. Instead, I sent a short novelette that I couldn't send anywhere else because all my other options are currently saturated. I want to try to finish up the story in progress this weekend. I'm closing in on that 100K for the year.

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