Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow, don't Blink

Wow, a whole week went by without a post by me. Strange thing is, I didn't even realize it. so what happened this week? I put down a good 1500 words on the novel-in-progress. My son, Russell, earned the Boy Scout rank of Second Class 9 months after joining the troop. Last weekend we did the orienteering course and that went very well. I got busy at work again, but I took today off. I go t some gifts purchased, the few remaining cards out the door, and wrapped the kids' gifts so they can't peek. That about sums it up.


For those of us who grew up watching the original Star Trek, we lost a little bit today. Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away. In our fictional lives as in reality, one thing that sucks about getting older is losing friends. Nurse Chapel and the voice of the Enterprise computer passed with her.


The Codex Writers just started a news blog. You can find it here:

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