Sunday, December 07, 2008

Running Amok

This quarter, Audrey has been participating in track at the middle school. Unlike academics and music, she has found something that she isn't particularly good at. Although she enjoys it and its definitely good exercise, she's not the athlete in the family.

The middle schools had the track and field festival yesterday, and Audrey ran in the 1600 meter, the 400 meter, and the 800 meter. In that order. She finished in the middle of the pack on the 1600, she had her best finish on the 400 meter taking 4th place. Her school took the top 4 spots in that heat. On the 800, which she ran maybe 15 minutes later, she finished near the back, but not last.

She runs with a steady pace from the start gun to the finish line, and her endurance is really pretty good. She just isn't that fast. But, she has fun and that's the important part. It's also good for her to compete in something where she is not among the best just to get some perspective. Hopefully, it will make her appreciate the talents she does have.

I must say. This was my first time as a spectator at a track and field event and I'm glad I brought a book.

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