Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today, I finally registered for the 2008 Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference at Arizona State University. Orson Scott Card and Michael Stackpole are on faculty this time. OSC is teaching a class, and Stackpole is teaching the genre small group (workshopping) session.

I've wanted to meet Michael Stackpole for a long time because he is local to me. I was a student of OSC in 2005 when I attended his literary boot camp in Orem, Utah.

In other news, the Codex Writers Group is holding a captive contest. This one is a collaboration contest. There are 6 pairs of writers who have never worked together before trying to create some new genius. We have Writers of the Future winners, a Campbell Award nominee, and writers who have appeared in all the major genre magazines. I must confess that I'm thrilled with the writer I was matched with, but I won't yet say who this is.


John Goodwin said...

Hi Rick,
Have you submitted to the Writers of the Future contest?

Rick Novy said...

Hi, John,

Yesa. I've entered the last 9 consecuitive quarters. Four of the last seven were quarter-finalists (now called honorable mention). No word yet on the current quarter, and obviously no word on the quarter that hasn't closed for submission yet.