Friday, March 30, 2007


Aargh! I've been infected with a virus that emails spam. Norton detects a dozen emails at a time, most of them caught either by Norton or my ISP. Still being stuck on dial-up probably saved me from hundreds of Japanese spam filter lists. That seems to be where most of the spam is headed.

Still, randomly it happens with my email software closed. Norton can't catch it. Windows detects something on startup, but the Microsoft virus software can't find it. I'm looking at having to format my hard drive.

There are advantages to that option. I have trouble with my CD-Rom drive also. Can't install any software. Fortunately, I have a laptop. Unfortunately, it has no anti-virus software. This may be a long-term project with convincing yet again all the software manufacturers that I'm reinstalling, not pirating. Oi.

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