Monday, November 27, 2006

More Progress

Put in another 1200 words today at piano lessons. Would have continued at home, but had to help one of the girls study for a math test. That 1200 words puts me at about the mid-point of the story I'm working on, "The Great Basilisk Race." This is the first pure fantasy story I've ever done. I've done some fantasy slipstrem, but never pure fantasy. I considered putting this on a different planet and making it SF, but I've wanted to try a fantasy story for a while, and this story fits that kind of setting.

I set a goal for 100,000 new short fiction words on 2006, and with this big surge over the past few days, I'm sitting around 92,000 with over a month to go. That leaves one or two more stories by the end of the year and I'll have hit the target.

"The Great Basilisk Race" will be story number 36 in circulation. If you add back the four I sold this year, the number is 40. I wrote almost all of them since Bootcamp in June of 2005. They range from a low of 185 words to a high of 14484 words. The main population falls between 4000 and 6000.

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