Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest Editing M-Brane SF

I will be guest-editing M-Brane SF issue #12 (due out early next year). All stories submitted to the normal submission address from July 15th to August 31st 2009 will be forwarded to me and considered for my special issue.

The standard submission guidelines can be a little difficult to find, but I linked the announcement at the bottom of this post.. Unless memory and gmail archives fail me, the submissions should be sent in rtf format and emailed to mbranesf@gmail.com Christopher will forward the subs to me and I will evaluate.

There are several possible outcomes: (a) I will reject outright. (b) I will reject but think Christoper might like it. In this case it will be sent back to him. (c) I will hold it for second read (d) I will ask for some changes (e) I will accept it outright.

For options (a) and (b) Christoper will contact the writer. For (c), (d), and (e) I will most likely contact the author directly and copy Christopher.

Some hints--I prefer optimistic endings, but good story trumps all. You can take me to some very dark places, but lead me out before the end--unless your story is so good that I don't care if you leave me down there.

I have no theme in mind.

I love humor but it's very difficult to make me laugh with prose.

Cyberpunk is a tough sell but can be done. (I like Jack Mangan's stuff, for instance.)

Give me a reason on page one to continue to page two.

Here is the original post on M-Brane SF blog with more information.

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