Friday, May 08, 2009

Video Podcast

Earlier this week, I collected two interviews for the upcoming Novy MIRror podcast. I'm hoping to put the first episode together next week and have it released not long after. I'm hampered by the fact that moving a large file cabinet into the home office introduced a huge shadow into the area where I shoot my footage in front of the green screen. That is a problem I need to overcome quickly. The space is too small to use three point lighting so I may need to use some creativity until I can move the file cabinet. Alas, a whole chain of events needs to happen first.

During the interview this past Wednesday, I had yet another problem with the original wireless microphone kit. One too many. Fortunately, I was able to return it to the retailer and exchange for a new one. I hope not to have that problem anymore, as it's been impacting almost everything I shoot. The reading (which I probably won't use in the first episode) used the other microphone kit, so it looks like that is not impacted.

Anyway, Novy MIRror, episode #1 coming soon.

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