Thursday, March 26, 2009

Challenge - My Grass is Greener?

I received a broadcast tweet from Alethea Kontis claiming her grass is greener than "yours." I think it's about a tie, but I should note that I haven't had rain in a month and only turned the irrigation back on yesterday. What she doesn't know is that I overseed rye grass in the fall. (Challenge me in January.) Right now it's starting to transition back to the warm weather Bermuda grass, which is basically ugly, but is pretty much the only thing that can grow during a Phoenix summer. So, while Alethea's grass is emerging from winter, mine is dying due to spring.

Still, I think today the green-ness is a tie.

Here is Alethea's lawn.

Here is mine.

I think it's a tie, what do you think?


Alethea said...

Yours *is* a lovely lawn. Mine's a bit more...English Garden After a Spring Rain. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

Rick Novy said...

Had I not forgotten to turn the water back on for a month... My Kumquat tree is oranger than yours, though.