Sunday, November 02, 2008

Astropoetica? Really?

Here's another first for me. I sold a prose poem to Astropoetica.

Nominally, I don't do poetry. Except limericks. I do sometimes write limericks.

There was a man incredibly crass,
Who had horribly flatulant gas.
Smells? There were plenty.
Friends? There weren't any.
But he sounds like a section of brass!

That's generally the limits of my poetry, though I did sneak in the superman atomic wedgie haiku for James Maxey.

But "Everywhere Spirals" was a fun little thing I put together a while back. it's actually a story inverse. No, not inverse, in verse.

I do not yet know the date it will go live, but I will post a link when that happens.

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